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If I had to choose the most favorite and least favorite of all the classes I teach, grammar would certainly be one of the top favorites. (Yes, hyphens definitely reside in the basement!) What I know absolutely is that knowledge of grammar is essential to one’s ability to punctuate. A knowledge of grammar makes punctuation easier and makes the rules more intelligible.

Though I would love to go into all the technicalities of grammar and make this a 30-hour course, I am sure many of you do not share my enthusiasm. So we are going to the other extreme: eight hours – just enough time for us to cover the essentials. How do you spot the subject and verb? What is the difference between a verb and a verbal? Which conjunctions link which kinds of elements? What the heck is a modifier? How do you tell the difference between a phrase and a clause?

Do the answers to these questions matter? Absolutely.

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