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About This Class

Congratulations on making the decision to further your journey into the English language. This course is the alternative to the “hit and miss” hour or two that we tend to get during conventions. Though there is value in any class that deals with the rules of punctuation, rather than a comma rule or two here and a little instruction on where to put the dash in relation to quotes, the goal of this class is to offer a more in-depth look at the rules we use to punctuate.

In this 20-hour class, we will begin with a look at clauses -- how they work and how to punctuate them. We will move to the period, the question mark, and the quotation mark and then on to the colon, the dash, and the semicolon. We will wind up with the plethora of comma rules that haunt our days and nights. As we go, we may mix in a look at number form, the hyphen, the apostrophe, and even a little capitalization.

This is a rare chance to look at the overall picture of the rules that govern how we punctuate the spoken word and see how these elements and rules work together and interrelate -- a crucial class for every reporter, scopist, proofreader, teacher, and student. As a matter of fact, every person who deals with the language would benefit from this class.

Please note there are no CEU certificates offered for this course.


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