RPR/CSR English Grammar and Punctuation Review

A Prep Course in English Grammar and Punctuation for Those Taking the RPR and/or CSR Exam

This course is offered as review and preparation on grammar and punctuation for anyone who is taking an exam on English and, most especially, the English questions on the NCRA RPR exam and the English portion of the California CSR exam.

There are 8 individual recordings on understanding how the English language works and specific areas of grammar that are likely to be tested and 12 recordings on the various marks of punctuation.

The course is not expected to be a substitute for a complete course in grammar and punctuation but is offered as a comprehensive review for those who need to refresh their knowledge in preparing for an English exam. In addition to the recorded sessions for the class, a number of handouts on relevant English principles as well as practice grammar exercises are offered on the concepts presented.

Though not required, it is recommended that you have Court Reporting: Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation along with the accompanying Workbook for study and practice on punctuation.

For those taking the California exam, there are six mock exams available for practice on margieholdscourt.com in the format of the California exam. These will also be helpful to anyone who wishes to practice the material presented.

The material is recorded in short sessions that deal with specific concepts and topics. This way, those taking the class can listen to those parts where they need extra study/work without having to listen to an entire lecture. Participants in the class may listen to the recordings as many times as desired.

Registration for the class is taken at any time. Once you have signed up for the class, watch the video for details on the technology.

Once enrolled, participants will have 30 days' access to the recordings and materials. So do not enroll until you are ready to spend the time on the material.

The cost of the class is $99. This includes unlimited access to the recordings during the 30-day period, resource handouts on the material, and practice exercises.

The content for the course is as follows:


Parts of Speech
Language Elements: words, phrases, clauses
Verbs: how verbs work, principal parts, usage rules
Nouns and Pronouns: how nouns function, subject/verb agreement, who/whom, pronoun case form, usage rules
Modifiers: how modifiers work, usage rules
Connecting Words: types of connecting words, usage rules


Clause versus phrase
Period: fragments, polite request, indirect questions
Question Mark: put the question mark where the question is first asked, elliptical questions
Quotation Mark: titles, words used as words, foreign words, words used in an unusual way, made-up words, discourse
Colon: two requirements, pointing-out expression
Dash: broken sentence structure, sentence within a sentence, summary
Semicolon: compound construction, series
Comma: separating or setting off, essential/nonessential, parentheticals
Apostrophes and Possessives
Number Issues

Your Instructor

Margie Wakeman Wells
Margie Wakeman Wells

Margie Wakeman Wells is a lifetime credentialed teacher in the state of California and is certified as a CRI. She is in her sixth decade of teaching -- with 40 of those years in the field of court reporting. As a reporting instructor, she has taught from the theory level through the exit speeds as well as all manner of English courses – both on campus in a bricks and mortar school and online.

She has presented, under the auspices of NCRA and state court reporting organizations, over 300 seminars for reporters on English-related topics as well as seminars for teachers and students.

Court Reporting: Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation, her best-selling reference text, and the workbook that accompanies it are available at margieholdscourt.com. In addition, she has published Word Pares, Pears, Pairs, a reference work of 2,000 word pairs with definitions, examples, and idioms for the words, and is currently writing a grammar text. She has also written a drill book series for improving accuracy: Practice Really DOES Make Perfect.

Margie operates “Margie Holds Class,” her online school, for both live and recorded classes and writes her blog, “All Things English,” at margieholdscourt.com. Margie currently serves as the Education Liaison for the California Court Reporters Association.

Margie has two grown sons and lives with her husband, Bill, in Culver City, California.

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have technical questions/issues?
Justin is my media manager and will respond to these inquiries. You can email tech questions, including forgotten user ID and/or password, to Justin at [email protected]. Please understand that Justin has many other clients besides Margie Holds Court; so contact him only at the support email, not at his personal email or by phone. Although he will try to answer your questions in a timely fashion, please allow up to 48 hours for him to respond.
How long do I have access to the course?
Once you register for the course, the course -- the recordings, the resource materials, and the practice exercises -- will be available to you for 30 days. Do not sign up until you have the time to spend on the material.
What if I have a personal emergency during the 30-day period and cannot spend time on the material?
Please contact me at mww@margieholdscourt. These issues will be handled on an individual basis.
Am I assured of passing the RPR/CSR exam if I take this course?
NO. Passing is not a given. If you learn the material thoroughly and have a good understanding of the principles and rules covered, your chances of passing the exam are very good.

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